When we had difficulties with an A/C system, Cheshire presented options which gave us knowledge to choose the step that was right for us. They took time to explain our system in terms that were logical and we could understand. When they did our work, they were punctual, polite and did what they said they were going to do in a very professional manner. They replaced a company that was very lackadaisical and over-charged. I recommend them with utmost confidence.

Linda Williams Personal

You have made a customer for life! A problem was discovered by Bill and his assistant that has existed with this system since the house was built in 2003. It involved the wiring of the main system panel. Needless to say it took persistence and determination to finally solve and correct the problem. I am most thankful for there hard work and the price was very fair. Thanks so much!!

Michael Hamang

So very helpful satisfied!

Lynn Swofford