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Why is my AC running but not cooling?

There are a wide variety of reasons that your AC may be running but not cooling.  Here are a couple of the most common ones.

Check that the thermostat is set correctly.  Make sure it is on cool and also that the temperature setting has not been moved.
A dirty air filter can block airflow and also reduce the cooling of your home.  Check the air filter out and make sure you have a clean one; therefore swap out if needed.
Your outdoor condenser unit could be blocked or also clogged.  A dirty coil can reduce efficiency and affect the amount of cool air coming from the registers.  Call a pro from Cheshire Heating and Air to have it cleaned.
Your evaporator coil is frozen.  This is a prevalent issue and should be handled by a pro.  A frozen coil will show signs of frost forming on the copper refrigerant line, inadequate cooling, higher utility bills, excessive condensate drain near the indoor unit, and ice on the outdoor condenser unit.
A refrigerant leak is another reason for your AC not to cool.  Without adequate refrigerant, your system will not blow cold air, will run more extended periods of time, and can also cause your compressor to be damaged or to shut down.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, give Cheshire Heating and Air a call and schedule a technician to come out and service your system.  You don’t want to be without air in the hot months.

Can you fix AC yourself?

As a homeowner, you can do a few things to make sure your Home Comfort System is operating efficiently.  Beyond these few, you should contact the professional at Cheshire Heating and air to address the issues.
You can check and also change the air filter regularly.  Doing so will ensure that your system runs efficiently and also that the air will pass through the filter easily.
If your thermostat has batteries in it, make sure that you change them out every couple of months.
Keep your condensate drain line clean and also clear.  Add ¼ cup of vinegar each month to the condensate drain pump.  The vinegar will kill any harmful bacteria or also buildup. It also makes sure your system will continue to operate.

If you have tried the above and your AC system is still causing you issues give us a call. We are here to help.

How much does it cost to install an Air Conditioning System?

The cost of installation of a new air conditioning system will depend on many factors.  The size of the system needed for your home, the capacity/ power of the system, efficiency, modification of ductwork if needed, electrical costs, and also thermostats all factor in.  Other things that will determine the price are the quality of the system that you are putting in and any rebates offered through your power/ natural gas provider or the manufacturer.  The best way to determine precisely how much it will cost to replace your system is to contact Cheshire Heating and Air and have someone come out for a free estimate.  They will determine the best equipment for your home and also give you options to choose from that will meet your budgetary needs.

Why should I do my AC Maintenance?

There are many benefits to having your air conditioning system on a planned maintenance schedule with Cheshire Heating and air.  Including:  Extending the life of your equipment, fewer repairs and nuisance calls, improving the capacity of your system, getting a discount on any repairs, repairing minor problems before they become big ones, lower your utility bills, improve the safety of the system, you are a priority customer, the agreement is transferable, we take the hassle out of remembering to schedule by calling you when it is due, and we maintain a complete history of the equipment for you.

Is it necessary to service your AC every year?

Cheshire Heating and Air recommends two visits per year, one in the spring and also once again in the fall.  Most major repairs can be avoided with regularly scheduled planned maintenance visits.  Maintaining your equipment will reduce costly utility bills while ensuring maximum efficiency and also maximum capacities.  We have a thorough 21-point inspection encompassing the entire system, from your thermostat to the air handler/furnace to the condensing unit.  You must protect this significant investment in your home to ensure it has a longer life expectancy.

What does a bad AC compressor sound like?

Many times, a bad compressor will have a clicking, rumbling, or also a rattling noise.  It also may struggle to turn on or do what is called a hard start.  Any of these issues should be repaired by a professional from Cheshire Heating and Air.

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