The Cherry Log AC Repair Experts in Your Area

Cheshire Heating and Air Conditioning Co. is your local HVAC company in Cherry Log. With our history in the area, experience with the residents, and professional training, we can guarantee a satisfactory experience with our HVAC services. We specialize in HVAC services because we believe no one should feel uncomfortable in their home. Whether it’s a minor repair or a unit change-out, we will be there for you every step of the way. We are your local Cherry Log AC repair experts.

Our HVAC Team and Our Heating and Air Service Commitment

It takes a village to be successful—literally! We attribute our successes as a company to our customers and their loyalty. Cherry Log, Georgia residents have instilled trust in us for years to care for their HVAC. We have committed our time and services to the people of North Georgia and have achieved the following titles:

  • We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. The #1 HVAC manufacturer, Carrier, has named our company an authorized dealer. This means we are trusted and have extensive experience with their equipment.
  • 2020 and 2021 Carrier President’s Award Recipient. We were chosen as a top HVAC service two years in a row by Carrier and are proud to hold this honor.
  • Our technicians are North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certified. Our technicians worked hard to earn this achievement, separating them as professional experts on all things HVAC from other competitors.

Don’t get us wrong.  Actions are louder than words. We want to show you how these achievements are demonstrated in the field. Our technicians are ready to answer your call and provide professional advice and service to make your HVAC system the best it can be.

HVAC Services and AC Repair in Cherry Log, GA

In addition to our commitment to you, we value variety in the service field to reach the largest population we can. We don’t just offer a few HVAC services; our technicians continually take classes for new skills and ways to cater to our customers. Ongoing education and a specialized skill set are what set us apart from other companies. Here is a condensed list of the services we offer:

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Repair
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Yearly Maintenance Agreements
  • HVAC Installment
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Financing
  • Installment of additional equipment

Local HVAC Installation Cherry Log, GA

If you don’t see what you need, call us before you keep looking. If it is HVAC related, there is a good chance Cheshire Heating and Air Conditioning Co. can help you out.

Taking Care of Your Air Conditioning System

Of course, we want to be there for you in times of trouble. But how can we prevent those issues? Cheshire Heating and Air Conditioning Co. understands the stress of an HVAC repair and those pesky problems that keep arising. We want you to be problem-free—the less we need to come to you, the better! Over our years of experience, we have found that the best prevention solution is maintenance. These are our top three reasons why you should invest in biannual maintenance with Cheshire Heating and Air Conditioning Co.:

  1. A healthier system year-round. Just like a car, keeping up with the needs of your HVAC system will keep it operating more efficiently. By checking and cleaning the unit every six months, you can prevent the need for an emergency call in the middle of the hot or cool seasons.
  2. A system with a longer lifetime. We have seen it repeatedly—our customers that utilize maintenance get more out of their unit. Rather than quitting on then at the 10-year mark, they can last up to 15+ years as an efficient heating and cooling system. New units are a significant investment, so extending its life a few years is a huge win!
  3. Decreased monthly energy bills. The fee you pay for maintenance service each year will be paid back plus more in the money you save from energy bills. If the system runs under optimum conditions, it will have to continuously work harder to keep up. Eliminating the underlying issue can save you a lot in the long run.

Cheshire Heating and Air Conditioning Co. Your Local AC Repair Experts

As our customers, we love to hear how you are doing. Calling in to ask for HVAC advice, screen for a potential problem, and discuss strategies to make your life easier is encouraged! We are happy to have conversations with you about your wants and needs. Call us today to talk to a team member for more information, schedule a service call, or sign up for preventative maintenance.